Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Prince Charles

Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles is returning to the Royal Palace at Windsor when he runs over two of the Queen’s favourite corgis. They are both flat as fan cake and while wondering what to do, a Genie appears. “As the future King of England,” says the Genie, “I will grant you one wish.” “Thank God for that,” thinks Charles, “please resuscitate these corgis or one’s mum will have my guts for garters.” The Genie looks at the two squashed corgis anxiously and scratches his head. “Don’t you have another wish?” asks the genie, “The corgis are mashed!” “Well says Charles there is one thing could you make Camilla look beautiful?” “Hum,” says the genie, “let me have another look at those corgis.”

Women talk 
Two married women are talking and one says to her pal,
“My husband tried to put the magic back into our love life last night.”
“Really!” says her friend.
“Yep, but his wand wasn’t up to it.”
A sage knows that… “A man with a watch always knows what time it is, but a man with
two watches is never sure what time it is.

A guy had a short story that everyone agreed was rubbish. So he decided to re-write it
as a poem. When he handed out his new work for review, everyone agreed that it had
gone from bad to verse!

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