Wednesday, 25 April 2012

funny question and answer jokes

Q: Why do women fart after they pee?
A: They can’t shake it, so they blow-dry it!

Q: How do you know when a plane if full of female passengers?
A: When it lands and they turn off the engine the whining doesn’t stop.

Q: What’s the definition of optimism?
A: An England Cricket Batsman that applies sun block before batting.

Q: What happened to the blonde Ice Hockey Team?
A: They drowned during Spring Training.

Q: How do we know that Dracula is a vampire?
A: In the census he stood up to be counted.

Q: Why has Dracula got heartburn?
A: He had too much steak!

Q: What’s black shiny and sails the seven seas?
A: Bin-Bag the sailor.

Q: What did Charles find difficult about going on his trip to Arabia?
A: Leaving his servants behind.

Q: Why does Charles find his butler so attractive?
A: Have you seen Camilla?

Q: What should you do if you’re a passenger is a car that’s acting funny?
A: Check the nut behind the wheel!

Q: What did the cannibal say as he ate an explorer?
A: Doctor Livingstone I consume!

Q: What do you give to a distressed lemon?
A: Lemonade

Q: A man is thinking about playing golf in the morning, so what did he do?
A: Play, in dew course.

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