Monday, 27 May 2013

Evil Brothers Jokes

Evil Brothers ( Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes.....)
The bartender says, “Only if what you show me ain’t risqué.”
There were two evil brothers.  They were rich and used their “Deal!” says the guy and reaches into his coat pocket and money to keep their ways from the public eye.  They even pulls out a hamster. He puts the hamster on the bar and it attended the same church and looked to be perfect religion- runs to the end of the bar, down the bar, across the room, its. up the piano, jumps on the key board and starts playing Gershwin songs. And the hamster is really good.
Then, their pastor retired and a new one was hired.  Not only could he see right through the brothers’ deception, but The bartender says, “You’re right. I’ve never seen anything he also spoke well and true, and the church started to swell like that before. That hamster is truly good on the piano.” in numbers.  A fund-raising campaign was started to build a 
The guy downs the drink and asks the bartender for an- new assembly. 
All of a sudden, one of the brothers died.  The remaining “Money or another miracle — else no drink,” says the brother sought out the new pastor the day before the funeral bartender. The guy reaches into his coat again and pulls out and handed him a check for the amount needed to finish a frog. He puts the frog on the bar, and the frog starts to paying for the new building. sing. He has a marvelous voice and great pitch. A fine singer. A stranger from the other end of the bar runs over to “I have only one condition,” he said.  “At his funeral, you the guy and offers him $300 for the frog. must say my brother was a saint.” The pastor gave his word and deposited the check. The guy says “It’s a deal.” He takes the three hundred and gives the stranger the frog. The stranger runs out of the bar. The next day at the funeral, the pastor did not hold back. The bartender says to the guy “Are you some kind of nut? 
“He was an evil man,” he said.  “He cheated on his wife and You sold a singing frog for $300? It must have been worth abused his family.” After going on in this vein for a small millions. You must be crazy.” time, he concluded with: 
“Not so,” says the guy. “The hamster is also a ventriloquist.” 
“But, compared to his brother, he was a saint.”

Two Monks Have An Idea
The old man softly replied, “You got any tobacco?”The passenger handed the old man a cigarette and yelled, The monastery was having a bit of a hard time with its cash “Step on it,” to the driver, rolling up the window in terror. flow, because of the dwindling number of monks available to help with all the work of the group.
A few minutes later they calmed down and started laughing again. The driver said, “I don’t know what happened, but Brother Andrew and Brother Patrick suggested opening up don’t worry; the speedometer says we’re doing 80 now.” a Fish & Chips stand down on the motor way, right next to
All of a sudden there was a light tapping on the window and the scenic vista area so popular with tourists. the old man reappeared.
The venture was going well, and one day a tourist asked the “There he is again,” the passenger yelled. monk on duty, “Are you the fish friar?”
They were driving about 100 miles an hour, trying to forget “No, sir,” exclaimed the brother, “I’m the chip monk.” what they had just seen and heard, when all of a sudden there came some more tapping. 

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