Monday, 23 January 2012

Charlie Chaplin As a Shoulder

Charlie Chaplin: Shoulder Arms
Charlie is in boot camp in the "awkward squad." Once in France he gets no letters from home. He finally gets a package containing Limburger cheese which requires a gas mask and which he throws over into the German trench. He goes "over the top" and captures thirteen Germans ("I surrounded them"), then volunteers to wander through the German lines disguised as a tree trunk. With the help of a French girl he captures the Kaiser and the Crown Prince and is given a statue and victory parade in New York and then ... fellow soldiers wake him from his dream.

About this movie

Genres:          Comedy
Language:      English
Running time: 35:46

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  1. woow I was looking several months ago exactly for this movie! But without knowing the name of it. Thank you thank you thank you!! :D


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