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Hindi English Non Veg Jokes/Chutkule

Hindi English Non Veg Jokes/Chutkule

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·  Man Teases his ex-wife's new husband: So, dude how was the second-hand stuff?

New husband: Not bad. After the first 3 inches, she was brand new.

·  Prof teaching muscle movement, asks a lady: Do you know what your asshole does when you have an orgasm?

Lady: Sure, he's at the office, working!
·  UR msgs r like a Girl's Period, comes once a month for 3-4days & disappears. But My msgs r like a Man's Sperms that come Daily or Twice a Day. So msg like a Man.
·  A loving husband tattooed I LOVE U on his dick n showed it to his wife. She replied: "This is ur old habit of Putting Words Into My Mouth...!"

·  What's the geographical definition of sex?

It's an action done by Pol-land into Hol-land between Thai-land, occasionally with a little help from Greece!

·  Bunny seriously objected to the nomenclature of VAGINA.

His objection: Iko cheez ta vajaan wali hai, teh ohnu kehande ne VAJAI NA !

·  A woman who arouses a man and leaves is called a Cockteaser. What is a man who does the same called?

A Moisturiser.
·  Our love will never become cold and hollow unless, one day, you refuse to swallow.

·  What is pure Hindi name of Condom??

Rubber ki Chiknai yukt Prajanan virodhak mardana Ling ki topi.

·  Blonde: I think my tits are full of water.

Doctor: How do u figure that?

Blonde: Everytime a guy squeezes them my pussy gets wet

·  A man was fucking a nurse. She shouts: Aah it's painful.

Man: Kamini, daily u r injecting me where I don't hv hole, I'm putting it in ur hole & u say it hurts
·  Latest product in the market: George Bush condoms ideal for fuckers who dont know when to pull out

·  Q: Who's senior: Penis or Vagina?

A: Vagina, because penis always stands up in its honour.
·  Sex poetry: It's not the length, it's not the size, it's not how many times u can make it rise. It's not how well it fits, but how late it spits
·  Skoda recently launched a new car model LAURA. All drivers are having a tough time when theor Memsahibs say: Driver Laura Nikalo!

·  Kamra khushboo naal sajai baithe han, bed te navi chaddar bichayee baithe han,

Saadi deewangi tan dekho ohna ne raati auna hai te asi duphar de hi condom charai baithe han
·  The first day at the London sperm bank was pretty unsuccessful. Only three men made appointments and, of those, one came on the bus and the other two missed the tube.
·  All eggs in women decided to fight against sperms. They waited with guns in the pussy. That night no one came. Suddenly 1 shouted: Hamla Peeche se hua hai...

·  What is Long & Hard, has a hole at the tip and when u insert it into a wet, hairy & tight hole makes u feel better?

Vicks Inhaler
·  When u don't know whether to luv or hate, when u r in confused state, don't feel and don't debate, just sit alone & ...... MASTURBATE
·  Whenever u feel low, depressed or useless, remember that u r the same sperm that won a battle against a million others.

·  Cricketer describing a nude girl:

There is no cover, there is no extra cover, there 2 silly points, 2 fine legs & a deep gully, with little grass on the pitch.

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