Thursday, 26 January 2012

Husband Wife Jokes

3 guys die and go to heaven. God says to them, "Heaven is a big place, so you'll need some transportation. I will give you a vehicle, but the quality will depends on how loyal you were to your spouse. The first guy, who never even thought about cheating on his wife got a jet. The Second guy, who only cheated once, got an exotic sports car. The third guy, who cheated too many times to count. got a very old and ugly car. 
                     The next day, the third guy was looking very depressed, so the first and second guys said, "Don't worry ! We'll let you drive our vehicles. "The third guy said, "That's not the problem. My wife has died.
She's here in heaven. I saw her riding a skateboard."

A worried husband phoned his doctor at 3 am. would you please come over as soon as possible? My wife has appendicitis, he said. Impossible, said the doctor, trying to calm him down, just give your wife some sleeping pills and she'll go back to sleep.  But doctor, I tell you this serious. Please come over. Now look, Mr Philipps, three year  ago I operated on  your wife. I took out here appendix. Have you ever heard of anyone having a second appendix? Doctor, have you ever heard of anyone having a second wife?

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