Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Police jokes

Once a one police-man told another that he should catch the thief.He returns back.
First police-man asks him whether he had caught the thief or not.
He says "I hadn't caught him but got his finger-prints."
First police-man asks "where?"
He says "on my face."

A police officer was escorting a prisoner to jail when his hat blew off.
"Shall I run and get it for you?" asked the prisoner obligingly.
"Do you think I am a fool" said the officer.
"You stand here and I'll get it."

The police sent a set of pictures of a wanted criminal to all stations within 100 kilometers.
The set contained a front shot and two side shots. A week later they got a fax saying, "We've
caught the fellow in the middle but we're still looking for the other two."

Policeman(to the watchman): Where were you when the labourer was kidnapped.
Watchman: I was on duty Policeman: Then why didn't you try to save him.
Watchman: Sir, my duty is to keep watch on the building & not on the men of the building

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