Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Santa Banta Jokes

Once a train was moving on the railway line. Suddenly the train got down from the railway line and started moving into the fields. The passengers got angry and decided to punish the train driver. When the train stopped, all the passengers came to the driver and asked:"Why did you take the train off the track into the fields." Driver: A man came in front and was standing on the railway line. Passengers: Why did you risk the life of so many passengers in order to save the life of one man.You should have driven the train on that man. Driver: I was going to do this only but the man ran towards the field.

Once Santa Singh entered a cybercafe to check his mails.It was crowded so he had to wait.As he waited he saw a man checking his mails.He stood behind him and watched.The man typed his password and was waiting when Santa Singh cried out"Yes yes I know your password.I can read your mails now. "Surprised the man asked "Oh yeah, tell me what is it". Santa singh replied " Five stars."

Banta: “My grandfather’s watch fell into a well and when it was found after 30 years, it was still keeping correct time” 
Santa: What is so great about it? Once my grandfather fell into a well, and after thirty years
when he was taken out, he was still alive.”
Banta: “How can it be possible? What was he doing in the well for thirty years?” 
Santa: “He was winding your grandfather’s wrist-watch.”

Once Santa Singh and some other country scientists came for launching a rocket.They started
the counting 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 go!The rocket was still there.They tried it 3,4 times.
Then Santa said"Wait I'll try"
He climbed up the rocket,first tilted to left,then to the right.He climbed down,and then asked them
to count.They started 10 9 8......go!The rocket went.
Everybody asked "How did u do it''.
Santa replied"In our country we start our bajaj scooter like that only...

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