Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Teacher student jokes

Two sisters came home from school crying their hearts out. "What's wrong?" asked their mother.
First sister started wailing,"The kids at school make fun of my big feet." "There, there," soothed
the mother. "Your feet aren't that big." She turned to the second sister. Now why are you crying?"
"Because I've been invited to a ski party & I can't find my skis." "That's okay," said her mother,
"you can borrow your sister's shoes."

A teacher to a Parent:
Teacher:Ma'm your son has cheated in his examinations.
Parent:You can prove that I am sure
Teacher:Well put it this way the first answer of your child's partner was yes.
Parent:So that proves nothing .
Teacher:But for the second question your son's partner wrote "i don't know" and your son
wrote "neither do I"

Teacher: Teacher(asks student)-WATS Ur father names ?
student(reply's teacher) -his name is BUTTER RED
Teacher: teacher(with a surprised face)-wat ?
student(reply's) -yes mam his name is MAKHAN LAL !!!!!

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