Monday, 23 January 2012

Santa Banta Jokes

Santa and his wife, Jeeto, went to a fair. Santa had never been on an airplane, was fascinated by a stunt plane and asked the pilot how much a ride would cost. "Rupees one thousand for 3 minutes" the pilot replied. "That`s too much" said Santa. The pilot thought for a second and then said, "I`ll make you a deal. If you and your wife ride for 3 minutes without uttering a sound, the ride will be free. But if you make any sound at all, you`ll have to pay me the whole amount." Santa and Jeeto agreed and went for a thrilling ride. After they landed, the pilot said to Santa, "I want to congratulate you for not making a sound. You are a brave man." "Maybe so," said Santa, "but I gotta tell you, I almost screamed when my wife fell out."

Once Santa went in an electronic shop and asked the price of a T.V. The shopkeeper said that he doesn't sell things to sardars. Santa became angry and the next day he came dressed like a Muslim (with his hair normal like us). He did the same next day, but was told the again that they don't sell things to sardars. He became very angry and the next day he shaved off his head and came into the shop dressed like a south Indian. But once again he was told the same. He asked the shopkeeper that how did he recognise him everyday. The shopkeeper replied that because it was an oven instead of a T.V.

Once Santa and Banta wanted to do a job so they went to a office .There they were told this that their interview will after 4 days.Santa worked hard whereas Banta did not the day of the interview arrived Banta began feeling as he had not prepared anything.As Santa's turn came Banta told him that"Santa please tell me your answers which u say".Santa agreed.the officers who were taking the interview asked"what was the name of the first prime minister of India?Santa said"Jawaharlal nehru.then they ask him"when did India get independence?Santa said"1947".then they asked"tell something about geothermal energy?santa said"scientists are researching on it.then Santa comes out and all the answers to Banta.Banta goes inside.they ask him"what is your name?Banta says"Jawaharlal nehru"then they ask"when were you born?"Banta says "in1947"they ask"are you mad?"Banta says"scientists are still researching on it" ha ha ha...

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